Creativity: Bring a Little of ‘The Office’ to Work With You

marketing, creativitySadly, Steve Carell’s time on the ‘The Office’ is running out. Michael has to be one of the great TV characters of all time. Like a good boss, Michael makes his office work, albeit in a very unconventional way.

They waste a ton of time in the conference room with pointless meetings and general shenanigans, almost always the result of one of Micheal’s crazy schemes.

It all makes for hilarious TV but, I don’t want any office that I work in running like that. It isn’t all bad though. The place they all work in is kept exciting and the workers rarely have time to get bored, do real work, or fall into a state of simply going through the motions.

Routine is fantastic and every business needs it to some degree, but it is also a good idea to inject a little of “The Office” into your work once in a while. Something to spice up the day and inspire creativity may be just what your business needs right now.

There is creativity in every person you work with. With some people it boils over and they constantly provide creative solutions and ideas. For others, it is buried deeper and an opportunity to unleash it needs to presented in order for them to open up.

Take a minute to do a Google search for ‘creative brainstorming ideas’ and find an activity that suits you. Bring that into work the next day and play one of the games or do one of the activities. You might be surprised at who has great answers. Not only is this fun and promotes good morale, a creativity boosting game will linger with your team throughout the day and keep them thinking on their toes when it comes to company matters.

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