Business Photography: The Importance of LinkedIn

It is important to separate your personal information with your business information; it’s common sense that isn’t common enough. If you haven’t hopped onto the LinkedIn train yet definitely do so. It seems that photographers nowadays have skipped this social network. I usually see photographers post their Facebook page, Twitter page, or their blog but seldom a LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is a social media platform for business and it is a lot more than an online resume. It is a great way for you to find and be found by potential client or employers. After all wedding season is upon us and many couples turn to LinkedIn to search for local photographers.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, you cannot follow a profile without permission. This means in order to see my updates, message me, or comment on my profile, or get introduced to my contacts you would have to accept my invitation and vice versa. You want to people’s connection because you can discover inside connections that can help you get job offerings and close deals. If you are a company that is looking for an artist to photograph your event it is a great way to post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company.

So who’s on LinkedIn? Search for photographer and there are currently 269,680 relevant profiles. Search for event planner and there are 62,816 profiles. There are 117,973 graphic artists on LinkedIn and 22,758 art buyers as well. Wouldn’t you like to get in contact with these professionals?

Furthermore, LinkedIn is a great way to improve your SEO since LinkedIn is ranked very high on Google. To create a stellar profile that will optimize your web presence you should complete your profile, yes the entire thing. Pick relevant keywords and be mindful of them, my young padawan. Do not hide your profile; this is a website where you want to showcase your artistic skills and experience. Make your profile public for everyone who wants to see it. Be a part of relevant groups and communities and be active in questions and answers in your network.

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