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Business Communications: 5 Tips to Meeting Success in Just 5 Min. a Day

Here at Salty Waffle we have something in common. At 8:32am every morning, rain or shine, we pick up our phones and we call each other. The call, though it sometimes lasts longer is scheduled until 8:37am and has a clear purpose and rhythm. Each of us presents our KPI’s (relevant numbers), accomplishments, stumbling blocks, and if we have any, personal issues or concerns.

This allows us to quickly catch up, get a glimpse of what has been going on with others that may be far away, and get on the same page for the day. The goal is to make every meeting meaningful and the clearly defined purpose and flow make that possible. Everyone gets their time and we don’t leave any unmet needs or concerns on the table.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when running a successful meeting:

1.       Establish an agenda and timeframe.

2.       Recognize accomplishments and generate enthusiasm.

3.       Take issues offline if need be.

4.       Keep the conversation focused and moving over the agenda

5.       Give everyone a chance to speak

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