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Bring A Little Love To Facebook With Last.fm

social media, social, music, facebook music, last fm, last.fmIf you’ve been on Facebook lately and seen all the Spotify posts about what people are listening to, you know that sharing tracks is a really natural social  thing to do.

Well, before all this business with Facebook Music and Spotify, some people over at last.fm already knew this. In fact, they’ve been helping people share what they listen to since 2002. With their ‘audioscrobbler’, a tool that tracks all the music you listen to on your computer or portable device, last.fm allows anyone to track their listening habits and easily share them with friends.

Since everyone is about doing that on Facebook and not necessarily using the last.fm network to share, here is how you can bring a bit of the music you love to your Facebook feed.

Once you have a last.fm account and set up scrobbling, you’ll notice that you can easily ‘love’ tracks by clicking the heart next to them. This marks that track as a personal favorite. Sharing those loved tracks to Facebook is as easy as installing this app. The next time you love a track you listen to, it will update your status saying so.

It’s a really cool way to share tracks you like even if you’re not using Spotify and the ability to share just the favorites is something I like as well. Give it a try and show me some sweet tunes! Last.fm might just be my favorite site of all time so even if you don’t want to share music with anyone else, try out the scrobbling and recommendation radio they have.

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