Boppin’ in a Bathrobe

Could you see an adult wearing a bathrobe and cheetah hat, with leg warmers, and sandals dancing freely to Norwegian folk music on a rainy day.  You’d think “CRAZY”. Seriously, what sane person would go out in public like that?

Having a little one, makes me notice more opportunities for fun. On the airplane when people are putting their bags overhead, it takes every ounce of self-control not to tickle them because my little darling loves to be tickled and will raise her arms to coax me.

Sara gives me an excuse to act silly. I can dance with her, sing loudly and so off pitch, roll down a grassy hill over and over again, and spin her around until we are both to dizzy to stand.

Last night she was handing out drink tickets at the party and then drinks (the non-alcoholic ones) to the adults. She made everybody smile as she struck up conversations one after another.

I love to watch her grow and engage with the world. Sara inspires me to be more open, free, loving, and accepting. She says “We are all brothers and sisters, even the animals, the dogs are our sisters and the rhinoceros are our brothers. We should love our mother earth and not litter, it’s our job to take care of her.”

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