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Art in Miniature

I love trolling through Pinterest. The social media site exposes me to all sorts of things I would otherwise never have known about. Take, for example, these pieces of miniature art. Who would have ever thought something so small could be so gorgeous?

You know, usually when we think of art we think painting or sculpture. Large murals or stunning carvings that impresses and awe with their beauty and size. However, sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages. Here is some art in miniature. Art so small that you can’t believe it is real. And yet, it is also stunningly beautiful.

Toilet Paper Roll Art – Chadou Yama a.k.a. Anastassia Elias creates these tiny worlds within empty toilet paper rolls! Talk about recycling. The French artist crafts these micro worlds within something we all throw away. Makes you think about where art can be made, doesn’t it?

Pencil Carving – Originally from Brazil but now in the United Sates, pencil sculptor Dalton Ghetti has a fascination with the small. His miniscule pencil carvings are a form of mediation for him, and take months or even years to complete. He only works on them for an hour or two at a time, whenever inspiration strikes. Most of his pencils were found discarded on the street.  He carves with a needle and a tiny triangular blade.

Nano Origami–Hand folded by artist Anja Markiewicz, these origami creations seem too small to be real. Using a piece of paper less than an inch square and so thin it is barely visible, she makes delicate animals and other objects that are only a few millimeters big.

Art in a Needle – Now to get even smaller, look to the microscopic art of Willard Wigan. Requiring a microscope to view the art, these tiny masterpieces literally have to be completed between heartbeats. Even nearby traffic can cause too much disruption. The artist wows scientists and doctors alike with his steady and precise hand.


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