Are Online Adds Really Necessary? Rdio Thinks Not!

With sites like Pandora Radio, and Grooveshark there is certainly no shortage of online music streaming websites at your disposal.  While all of these websites have their pros and cons, they have one thing in common; they are convoluted with adds.  One online music streaming website has escaped the conglomeration of commercial adds that pester and annoy its users.  This service is made possible by the relatively new music streaming website called Rdio.

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Profile page on Rdio.

Rdio was founded by the creators of Skype and Kazaa in August of 2010.  Unlike most online music websites, Rdio does not offer a free version in order to eliminate the need for advertisements.  It offers two types of subscription deals: Rdio Web and Rdio Unlimited.  For $4.99 a month, subscribers of Rdio Web are granted on-demand, unlimited online access to all the music offered by Rdio.  For $9.99 a month, subscribers of Rdio Unlimited are granted on-demand access of the music (just as Rdio Web) as well as unlimited mobile access from smart phones and the ability sync their favorite music onto their mobile device in order to listen to when offline.  The ability to sync music from the website onto mobile devices is the feature of Rdio that clearly differentiates itself from the competition in the field.  Simliar to and other online music streaming websites, Rdio has the ability to connect user’s profiles to their Facebook, Twitter and accounts.

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Rdio is compatible with most smart phones on the market.

The website offers numerous social networking advantages including the ability to connect with Facebook friends and view their playlists, find new friends on Rdio who have similar music tastes, and view “top listeners” (listeners with heavy rotations of music playlists on their Rdio profile) close to your geographical area.  At the end of the day, it may be more financially beneficial for most casual users to set up free accounts on sites such as Pandora or  However, if you are a hardcore music junkie looking to connect with people that have simliar musical tastes online, then look no further than Rdio!

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