App of the Week


DropBox’s slogan is “Simplify your life.”  Appropriate because this handy little app lets you link your phone and computer or even other people’s devices wirelessly.  Get dropbox for your computer and then link it to your phone.

You can sign up to use Dropbox through your mobile device.  Dropbox has easy to follow prompts to get you set up to store your files electronically.  DropBox acts just like any folder you might have on your computer and allows you to favorite certain files to make them easier to find.

You can upload your photos from your phone straight to Dropbox to make it easy to upload to your computer.  Or you can view files from your computer that you have dragged into the Dropbox folder on your mobile device.  You can also share folders or files with others using Dropbox making this app a very useful storage/sharing tool.

Check out Dropbox.  It’s free!

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