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The other day I bought my first adult bike.  As I was taking my new Opus Zermatt bike for a ride around the neighborhood and as I was struggling to get up a large unavoidable hill I wondered how far I had gone and how much of my lunch I had burned off.  This curiosity led me to RunKeeper.

Runkeeper is one of many apps for tracking your workouts.  It’s a simple app but in this case simplicity is a good thing.  Simple means easy to use and the last thing you want is to be fumbling around with an over complicated program before you start your activity.

The home screen only has 4 buttons.  The “Start button” and the bottom of the screen button bar.  Simple and easy to understand.

You can change how the app tracks your progress either through GPS or by manually inputting your own time and distance. You can set a playlist or explore the coaching button for tips on improving and how to set your goals.  

You can also specify your activity


Once you pick the activity you will be doing and press the start button RunKeeper starts to track your progress.  

RunKeeper is like having a treadmill in my pocket.  Instead of being confined to a gym and walking on an infinite loop, the world becomes your treadmill.  You set the pace.

Runkeeper allows you to easily share your results with others on Facebook, keep it personal, or delete those unmotivated 19 second walks around the block.

Get in the last bit of the summer.

Whether you’re training for an event, just like bookkeeping or want to track your activities once in awhile RunKeeper is an easy to use free mobile app.


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