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A Website Redesign Will Show You The Money

Making up your mind to do a redesign on your web site is a big decision. There is no shame in being sentimental, even attached to your original. But, ultimately your website has to make you money and if conversion is slipping because user experience is poor or the site just lacks modern necessities like social integration, the time to to pull the trigger might be now.

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So, you have identified a few things on the ‘Top 5 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign‘ list and even asked your potential design firm candidates all the important questions. Now what?

Well, there is one missing part to this equation. Is it worth it?

The short answer is yes, but you want to know more. Like exactly when are you going to start seeing a return on that investment? How much are your profits every month going to increase? Flat out, how much money is this whole redesign business going to net me and when can I expect it?

Don’t fret, a tool from our friend’s at Synotac web design is going to help you out with all of those questions. They recently added a nifty ‘Web Redesign ROI Calculator‘ under the resources tab. You will find it at that link, chillin’ right next to the Web Readability Analyzer and underneath Cameron’s new podcast on how to turn your website into your secret weapon.

If you have already decided or are still deciding, take a minute to run your own numbers in the Web Redesign ROI Calculator and see if you like the results. We hope this helps make your decision easier and better informed while saving you some time in the whole process. Have a great Wednesday!

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