6yr. Old’s Description of Marketing, Business, and Life

“So, Mama, let me see if I get this right. Your saying that if you get more friends then they will tell their friends and you will get more money. More friends equals more money.” Sara summed up social media, inbound marketing, online content strategy, and life all in this brief description. The more friends you have, statistically, the more successful you will be.

Well, yes that is how it works. You do have to give your friends something to talk about. You have to tell stories that they will want to tell others about or fun new products that they just have to share. “Like a new toy or candy.” said Sara.

Exactly, what do you think is so cool that you have to tell everybody? What inspires you to take action and actually repeat or retweet what you hear or see? “Puppies.” she answered. Yes, puppies are cute and you want to show them to everybody.  “If I had a puppy I’d have lots of friends.”

This theory has been true since the beginning of human existence. Friends protect each other, they lift each other up, friends amplify your voice and celebrate your successes. Facebook friends and friends in real life are powerful, acknowledge them, let them know that you care, and your abundance will multiply.

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