Posting From Paradise: Hawaii 3.0

Hawaii, sea turtles, vacation 2010It’s not every day that you see more than twenty Sea Turtles hanging out at the beach, through the eyes of 6 yr. old or meet up with friends from Australia, (thank you EO), and play at the beach for hours. Probably our most exotic location for a play date so far!

The systems that we use, and teach, at Salty Waffle have allowed me to confidently leave the office behind. Sure we have a daily 5 min. meeting now, to keep on track. This simple 5 min. phone call allows me to have peace of mind throughout the rest of the day. We report accomplishments, critical numbers, speed bumps, and personal items.

Wether you own a small business, big business, or a one person shop, it’s nice to know what will lead to peace and happiness for you. If you are completely unplugged, do you stress for more than 5 min. about what you should be doing? Can you leave it all behind without a second thought? Can your business handle that right now? Can you?

I don’t have the answers for you, just the one that works for me, and that does include a 5 min. meeting most days and the occasional blog post to empty my brain.

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