5 Ways You Can Read It All With Just 1 Word

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media kids, social media familyJust1Word is a social media site created for studying and sharing the Word of God. On the site you can sign up, create an avatar, then start getting encouraged!


1) Bible: The Just1Word bible allows you to read the bible, highlight any verse, then share it with friends for pretty much any social media site you can think of. You can do some exploring by checking out lists of keywords, stories, or topics to see where in the bible they are mentioned. You are also able to compare different versions of the bible side by side, see what you have selected, request related information, and view your “my stuff” section.

The “my stuff” section includes all your past bookmarks, highlights, history, and journal. The journal records any notes you have written while studying, along with Just1Word community notes. For those of us that need bigger font, there is also an option to pump it up. There are 30 different bible versions available in many different languages.

2) Blog: There is a blog area that explains Just1Word’s updates on their apps. It is helpful to learn all they have to offer in their mobile app Bible + 1.

3) Games: There games section is pretty fun and interesting. They have a timed word scramble. Once you click “start the game,” the clock starts and the letters appear. Then you have to figure out what the word is as fast as possible. Once you figure out the word, you can see where that word is in the bible. High scores are posted on the right, and you have the ability to share your score, and the game, with friends on Facebook or Twitter. There is also a challenge scramble with a longer word. When I played the word was DODO… where is that in the bible? Well, Just1Word let me know: Judges 10:1.

4) Tools: Just1Word offers 4 types of widgets at your disposal:
Verse Linker: This app makes scripture references on your website automatically become links to the Bible.
Graphics: provides different badges and graphics for you to add to your site.
Devotions: allows you to have daily devotionals on your website. One cool thing about Just1Word’s offering is that they have devotionals on many different topics. Such as: Proverbs, Key People in the Bible, Dreams and Visions, Bible in a Year, etc.
Search: can be added to your website so visitors can quickly perform searches in the bible without leaving your page.

5) Mobile App:

You can follow Just1Word on Twitter or join their community on Facebook.

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