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5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors In To Clients

website, conversion, salty waffle, convertThe purpose of your website is to generate new leads so you can convert them into paying customers or clients.  If your website isn’t flipping prospects, it’s not doing its job and you’re likely wasting a lot of quality traffic.  Here are the top 5 reasons websites don’t convert:

  1. Not Having an Opt-In Box to Capture Leads – consumer interest or inquiry of your brand needs to be captured.  Offer new visitors a discount or a free report that educates and provides valuable information as an incentive for giving you their information.  Generating these leads allows you to follow up with them over time.
  2. Confusing and Distracting Visitors – scientific eye tracking studies have shown people lose focus as they scroll down a page, so place the most important information at the top of your website.  This includes what you do, where you do it, and your phone number.
  3. Hiding Important Information – internet searchers are impatient and move on in 8 seconds or less if they don’t see what they want.  Don’t bury important information in large chunks of text.  Short paragraphs and lists are better at keeping your readers focused.  Keep it real and get to the point.
  4. Forgetting To Tell Visitors What To Do – you have people on your site and they have come for what you have to offer.  Don’t be afraid to tell prospects what you want them to do.  Assume they’re interested, otherwise they wouldn’t be there!
  5. Failure To Communicate – social profiles such as your Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube accounts let your prospects know you are a real business, so post these links on your website.  Doing this also increases your social media tribe.

Next time you’re writing an amazing piece of content, building your future website, or giving your current website a facelift, keep these 5 facts in mind. You have the knowledge, now use it!

Editor’s Note:  Angel Soria is an Internet Marketing Consultant, entrepreneur, and currently obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State.  For a free business x-ray report, email [email protected], visit her website www.fresnolocalinternetmarketing.com, or follow her @talk2angelsoria.

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