3 Streaming Options For Holiday Music

Looking to add a little holiday cheer to your playlist this season? Music always helps me get through a ton of work, so try these sites for holiday music right from your browser.

  1. Pandora: Nothing new here, Pandora has a number of holiday channels, here is an old, but great list of them to look at.
  2. Feelslikechristmas.com: a very cool site that allows you to download legal holiday music from independent artists. It’s heavily populated with Christmas music so try something else if that isn’t your particular holiday of choice.
  3. Last.fm: A great recommendation radio station. Try out some of their holiday stations and enjoy less ads than on Pandora.
  4. Bonus: I heard that Spotify has some great holiday mixes as well. Just open it up on your computer and you should be greeted with a message offering a few options.

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