3 New Job Search Rules

In a room filled mostly with employees a woman behind me sat with her mouth wide open in disbelief when I commented to the room that I googled all potential new hires before anybody got an interview. The reality is that every good employer googles, does a background check, and maybe even a credit check on potential hires!

If you are looking for a job or looking to hire consider the following:

1. Reach out to your network. It is about who you know. Ask your friends and colleagues that you hold in high regard, for recommendations and referrals.

2. Know what you said and what’s being said about you. Nothing is off the record. It’s easy to find articles, Facebook updates, blog postings, and other information, including photos, that you may or may not be proud of.

3. Values matter. Neither party will be happy for very long if ideals do not match up. Have that conversation early and take the time to be sure. Assessment tests can provide valuable insight.

A very impressive candidate followed up after our third interview with a package containing great gluten free cookie mix and a thoughtful thank you note. That’s an impressive way to show how she would treat key relationships and that would be her job. Yes, I’m gluten free.

Would you be surprised about what somebody may know about you? Like all good Boy Scouts, be prepared.

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