3 Fun Facebook Tricks

social media, friend map, facebook friend map, google mapsIs your Facebook looking a little drab? Want to look at your connections in social media in a whole new way? Check out these 3 fun ways to spice up your Facebook and view you and your friends in some awesome new ways.

  1. Where My Friends Be?: This is a great site that takes your friend’s location information from Facebook and mashes it up with Google Maps. It’s a visual representation of where in the world all your friends are! It’s fun to see where your groups of friend’s are clustered and where your farthest friend is!social media, facebook, photo collage, facebook friend poster, salty waffle
  2. Friendly Poster: This site imports all your friend’s current profile pictures and puts them into a big photo collage. Not only that, it automatically tags all of them in the collage and offers you the option to order your collage in giant poster form. It’s a fun way to look at all your pretty friends in one place!
  3. The New Profile Hack: This one is a little more complicated than the first two because it’s not automatic, but the results are awesome. Using the new layout, you can take one larger image and divide it into the 6 photos that show on your main page. (The main profile photo and the 5 smaller ones in the strip at the top.) Here is a tutorial on how to do it and there is an example below.

social media, salty waffle, facebook, new profile hack

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