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2 Things You HAVE To Do With The New Timeline Facebook Brand Pages

Really there are 3. The first one is getting the new Timeline-based look for your brand ASAP. Like the Timeline or not, it is a massive upgrade for brand pages which are notoriously plain. When that notification comes up, take the plunge and then make sure to do these 2 things right away! [Update: Activate your brand Timeline page NOW!]

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  1. Set your cover photo! You may know how to do this already if you have the Timeline on your personal profile. If not, check out these instructions, we can’t guarantee it will be exactly the same because they haven’t launched for everyone yet, but we can’t imagine it will be must different. The cover photo alone will give your brand page a huge design boost and is a ton of screen real estate that you can play with. Make sure to make it a nice image though, you don’t want a stretched or blurry one in that space!
  2. Start pinning stories. When the Timeline for brands launches, you will have the option of pinning a post to the top of your Timeline each week. This is great for highlighting important information and telling your fans what is the most important. No more of your really important posts getting lost in the shuffle with the rest!
Take a little tour of the pages here and check out SportsCenter’s fan page which has already made the switch. Be ready when your page can switch and take full advantage of the new tools!

We will update you when we learn about more things you can do with the new Timeline as we learn them and as Facebook reveals them.

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