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15 Stages of Online Presence Evolution Through Social Media, Part II

social media, social media integration, evolutionExactly one week ago, we began a journey through the 15 stages of online presence through social media that we see our clients, friends, and even major corporations going through as they attempt to implement social media into their marketing strategy and overall online offering. Part I had the first three stages so if you missed that, take a second to catch up and then come back here for the next 4 stages.

If you see yourself or company at one of these stages and want a little help getting to the next, were here at Salty Waffle to help. (We start where you stop!)

Stage 4: You have migrated much of the personal communication you do with friends, colleagues, and family to Facebook, at least with those that have a profile. You finally had one too many customers ask you what your company Twitter handle is so you signed up. You have 3 followers and you are following 5….6 and are not sure why this is useful

Stage 5: You ask some colleagues about how they use social media for their businesses. They tell you how they did $3M of business from Twitter and $10M on Facebook. You are still not sure how your business can really do all of that. Who would keep it up? How do I measure it? How can I identify qualified talent if I don’t understand how to measure their success? So, here you are with a brochure site and too much information, but dying to get started.

Stage 6: After being solicited by a myriad of social media firms, PR agencies, web design firms, and marketing firms that tell you they can get you ranked high on search engines, you hire one. They tell you to trust them they will make your site rank higher and look better. But you are still not sure how to really tell if it’s working.

Stage 8: You understand the lay of the social media landscape very well at this point and you have read enough to know how powerful it can be. You are efficient with checking up on your various networks and you post content and respond to friends on all of them. You are trying to convince those holdout friends of you to join so you can keep in better touch.

Look for Part III next week!

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