11 Years of Wisdom-Summed up in 11 Words

“Don’t ever say you want to grow up, it’s no fun” is what an 11 yr old boy said to my little 5 yr old after they had been wrestling. Sara told me this morning that an older boy shared this wisdom with her. She said “I like being young and little, everybody always thinks I’m so cute”.

When I am away from home I want to have my girl with me and hold her in my arms and when I am home, I miss the understanding that is shared with my friends from around the globe. There is a time once a year when both come together in the EO Family Conference. That is the best! Like minded families playing together like little kids. We get an annual reminder as a family how important it is to play.

Growing up does have it’s advantages. We know how to play more sports and board games. There are opportunities every day to play like a child and you should take full advantage of this because someday you will grow up and if you don’t play, you’ll forget how. I’ve got one grandmother that knows how to play and one that doesn’t. My 80 yr old grandma that plays with her friends has a rich life full of fun relationships that make her days brighter and keep her young and active. That’s how I want to be when I grow up! For now I too enjoy being young and cute.

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