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10 Tips for Free Marketing and PR: The Holiday Gift Guide

Now is a great time to sit down and really think about where you want your product or service placed this coming holiday season. Ask yourself, what magazine, website, or Top Ten list do I need to be on this year? Magazines and lists like these have a tight schedule and many products up for their review. Being July, they have already begun reviewing products for their holiday lists.

Know where you want to get your product placed this year? Get moving! Magazines generally start choosing their products now and being aware of submission deadlines will keep you ahead of the game. Other mediums will have similar deadlines.

Here are 10 quick tips to help you get placed in the holiday guides you are aiming for.

1.       Send your pitches and product in on time.

2.       Determine the right category for your product and send to appropriate outlets.

3.       Pack carefully and monitor shipping.

4.       If you can, offer products with prices less than $50.

5.       Send your most colorful products.

6.       Donate a portion of your proceeds to charity and make that known.

7.       Offer something new.

8.       Respond quickly and thoroughly to additional questions they may pose upon review.

9.       Mention celebrities you are affiliated with and include their testimonials.

10.     Include a list of retailers that already carry your product.

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