10 Tips Businesses Need to Follow for their Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management10 Tips Businesses Need to Follow for their Online Reputation Management  

The businesses need to maintain their online reputation so that their customers know about them and have a good image of the company. A negative image online can be very harmful and your competitors can use this to their advantage. Therefore, seeking online reputation management advice from the experts will help you gain effective results without you being burdened for all the work.

Following are the 10 tips that will help you decide how you can manage the reputation of your business:

1. Respond to negative comments

It is obvious that there will be negative comments made by the customers at times. So handle them with care instead of getting angry and frustrated on them. This will work in a positive way as the customers really get satisfied when their problems are answered and solved. This will also help you gain more customers as your integrity and image will improve in the eyes of the customers.

2. Spread the name of your company

This will help the customers to retain your name establishing the long term presence of your brand. This can be done through press releases, website content, advertising off-site and social media campaigns. Thus, your reputation will be enhanced and your website will have optimized pages related to your business.

3. Diversify presence on the net

Diversification will help you to a large extent in online marketing as people will know different roles of your company. It will establish your brand effectively by balancing the negative comments with the positive content. Press releases, blog content, wiki pages are some ways to diversify your presence on the web.

4. Using social media

Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools to establish online reputation and branding. Using social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc can help you gather more customers and among the existing ones, to establish a bond of trust between them and your company.

5. Anchor text back-linking

An effective SEO campaign will have back links as an important part of them. The back links are links with the content based on the keywords related to your business with a link to your own website. This will help the people know your business and your ranking in the search engines will increase highly but you should know when to stop as too much of it can be harmful.

6. Monitor your search engine presence regularly

This will help you know how much of your efforts are actually working. Also the activities of the competitors will be taken care of and thus you can know where your brand is heading.

7. Contact the publisher when any negative comment found

This can help you resolve a conflict as talking to the publisher of a negative comment will help you know his real problem and hence find a solution to it.

8. Establish good customer services

A good brand’s best quality is to establish good customer services so that when they have any problem your company can help them. This will reduce the number of negative comments about you.

9. Monitor your Wikipedia page

Wikipedia page often comes at the top of the results in a search engine. If there is any false information, you can contact them for the required change as you cannot monitor it directly.

10. Take time to establish an image

Establishing online reputation is a time taking process and not an overnight task. Be realistic in your approach to bring in positive results.


B. Lyttle is a marketing expert and urges everyone to have a good online reputation of their business to escalate sales. For information on what to do when your personal information becomes publicly available online, she recommends the given link.  

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