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10 Things I Hate About You(r Facebook)

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^…please don’t

We talk about the many reasons that Facebook is awesome, useful, and generally improves parts of our lives, but there is another side, the side of Facebook that can be aggravating and annoying. So, seeing as it’s Friday, that I’ve been sick all week, and on Facebook more than usual, I decided to compile a list of Facebook pet peeves that I think many of you might agree with.

These are in no particular order and feel free to add your own gripes in the comments! (This is all in fun, I’ve done almost all of these at one point or another!)

  1. Incessant Farmville/Cityville/Fishville/Anything-ville updates that sound like this, “John Smith found a wild stallion galloping around his farm!” Awesome. Nothing against games, nothing against people playing them, but when you’re blowing up my feed with farm animals, it makes me crazy.
  2. When somebody’s photos look like…they a) belong on MySpace, b) are completely photoshopped and barely resemble the person I actually see everyday, c) were clearly taken just for Facebook with your webcam, or d) have the same stupid kissy face expression in every single one, sorry, it’s not as attractive as you think. Or at all, actually.
  3. Status updates that are quotes or song lyrics and the person doesn’t say who, where, or what it’s from. If you quote something, tell me where it’s from, I hate it when I see a cool quote and then can’t find the source!
  4. Happy Birthday posts. Ok, so I like getting birthday wishes in notification form just as much as the next guy, but I fear Facebook birthday posts are trivializing the act of recognizing someone on their special day. Just because my birthday popped up in your events doesn’t mean I expect you to post on my wall about it and it doesn’t make me think you care. Keep posting away, but if you’re a close friend, I better be getting at least a call or text.
  5. Poking. Nuff said.

    social media, salty waffle, facebook, twitter, 10 things i hate about you, 10 things i hate about your facebook, facebook pet peeves
  6. Statuses that were imported from Twitter…and the person tweets all day. They are two different networks for a reason. The etiquette on status updates is different and when your tweets are flooding my Facebook feed, I shake my head. I’ll follow you on Twitter, I swear! Just don’t use Facebook for your Twitter needs.
  7. Conversations on someone’s wall that should have happened in chat. When your responses are 1 minute apart, 2 minutes apart, and you’re going back and forth, you’re obviously both online. Take it somewhere else. I don’t need to be briefed on how your nail appointment went, how cute the guy was, or watch you go back and forth on some inside joke from last night. If it’s more than one person that’s one thing, but personal ‘tea parties’ on your wall and in my feed are annoying.
  8. Lost phone number groups and events. Yeah, I know ya dropped your phone in the toilet, LOL, but now you’re making it my problem to fix. I have to join, post, and then get notified every single time someone else posts too, ugh. We live in a world with awesome technology, use it to back up your numbers. This goes for events lasting a ridiculous amount of time too, I don’t want something called ‘Help Me Take This Survey’ sitting in my events because you decided to make the event 3 months long.
  9. Posts complaining…about finals, how many hours you just studied, that you’re going to have to pull an all-nighter, being tired from work, or how you hate your job. I really feel for you and if you ask me, I’ll do my best to help, but really? Everyone has been there at one time or another and is working hard too. If you had time to go on Facebook, I don’t feel bad you’re staying up all night to finish something. Also, it’s all relative, a lot of people would love to have any job at all right now.
  10. social media, salty waffle, facebook, twitter, 10 things i hate about you, 10 things i hate about your facebook, facebook pet peevesYour Daily…anything! Horoscopes, Moods, Daily Tattoo, Daily Question, Fortune Cookie, anything. There are so many of these things out there and I’m not judging anyone for using them, just turn off the notifications and choose only the cool ones to post. This applies to stupid surveys too, no I don’t care that you know all about Terminator 4: The Failure of Christian Bale or that you’ve seen 35 of 50 animated Disney movies or anything else like that. Not cool. Obviously you are bored, so let’s go do something!

Ok, sorry about that, I may have been a little harsh. Most of these things are cool in small doses and if you’re a chronic offender I probably already blocked your Farmville feed anyway. Also, remember that we’ve almost all done these things before, including myself, so no judgement here, just some venting fun!

Please add your peeves to the comments, I know there are tons of them out there that I didn’t include in this list. Have a Salty Friday!

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