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10 Awesome Social Networks That You Don’t Know About Part One

Are you overwhelmed by the spam and junk that clutters your newsfeed on Facebook? Are you sick and tired of the tweets people post every five seconds? And Google + not what you thought it was?

Well if any of these are true for you, then here are 5 really cool niche networks that you might be interested in!

  1. Care2: This online platform allows you to join a community of more than 19 million members who share your passion on various causes (animal welfare, the arts, peace, politics, etc). You can talk to people who have the same interests, swap stories, send e-cards and more.Care2 website, Care2 image
  2. Dogster/Catster: This site is for all you dog and cat lovers out there. Both sites have a online magazine section, but the community area is the best. You can create a profile for your pet, add photos, and chat with 3 million other dog/cat owners about anything regarding pet care. Dogster website
  3. My Last Wish: This is an application available to only iPhone users. On a Wish Wall, users post what they want to do before they die and can become friends with other who share the same “wishes”. In addition, you can interact beyond the network if you decide to share your personal contact information. My Last Wish
  4. Wiser: The network is for people who wish to live in a more equal and sustainable world. With over 70,000 members, it provides an opportunity for users to connect with others who share the same passion and knowledge to try to bring sustainability to this world. Wiser screenshot, example of wiser
  5. Untappd: It is a mobile application where users can talk about their favorite beers and where they are drinking them with other users. Similar to Foursquare, a user checks into a location (bar, restaraunt, pub, or etc), can connect with friends and receive badges for certain accomplishments. 

Untappd screenshot, example of UntappdHave you used any of these sites before? Please share your experiences with us! 

P.S. Look out for Part Two of 10 Awesome Social Networks That You Don’t Know About!

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